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Re: Jacinta Walsh

3 January 2013

Jacinta approached me twelve months ago to mentor her through her studies in the Masters – Arts and Cultural Management.

Initially I was hesitant to take on a student in a field I knew little about yet her persistence and courage led me to being curious about this young woman who had clearly excelled internationally in areas of dance that humbled me in her request.

I found her to be insightful, invigorating, curious and supremely intelligent. In my field of both business leader and sector leadership development, I find these qualities to be thinner on the ground than one would hope for. Intelligence is a complex phenomenon; it is nice to come across well rounded intelligence.

Jacinta struggles at times to constrain her enthusiasm and mastery of topics and themes well in advance of her lecturers in her Masters course, and sometimes it takes all of her courage and skill to conceal her frustration with aligning her theoretical learning with her grounded deep practice learning. Yet it is evident she has now a great grasp of the depth and value of her practice learning having now been able to reflect on it through the prism of theory.

Jacinta will go forward challenging conventional thinking and practice as she cannot sit still whilst complacency prevails; it is an anathema to her personality. She is passionate about delivering solutions to how people apply the arts in loving life in all of its countless, inexhaustible manifestations.

It has been my joy to experience working with this young woman and I will cherish watching how she engages with the world as it unfolds for her and how she sets about making her own future and that of many others around her as her commitments touches their lives.

I recommend Jacinta to you as a candidate well worth your trust and investment in bringing dance and the arts to many others in this world as a well of building joyfulness and translating this world and all of its complexities.

Frank Wyatt
Managing Director
Enterprising Partnerships Pty Ltd and Executive Accelerators Pty Ltd





Berlin 29th of May 2006


I hereby confirm, that Ms Jacinta Walsh, in the production of “The Italian in Algiers”
(Director: Nigel Lowery; Choreography Amir Hosseinpour) worked as the assistant – choreographer.

Because her activity was performed with extreme care and precision, she was again engaged for the repeat performances in February 2006. During the rehearsals for the repeat performances, in which new dancers had to be instructed, she was very well organized and in spite of the few rehearsals she could show outstanding results.

I hereby further recommend Ms Walsh and wish her lots of success in the future!

Annette Weber
Rehearsal Director

The Australian Ballet

23rd December 2005

To whom it may concern,

I am pleased to confirm that Jacinta Walsh has completed in excess 160 hours practical experience with The Australian Ballet between October 2005 and December 2005. She has been a welcome addition to my Administration and Finance team, and has successfully completed significant projects for the department, such as the compilation of a valuable items register, a printer tender, and the documentation of our induction process.

Jacinta has worked extremely well with the other staff at The Australian Ballet, as the projects assigned to her had her working across several departments.

I commend to you Jacinta as a prospective employee, and advise that not only did we find her intelligent, ariculate and flexible she is highly dedicated to task completion and required minimal supervision.

Should the appropriate position arise, I would happily employ Jacinta as I consider her to have been a valuable member of the team who consistently achieved good results and delivered above my expectations.

Yours faithfully
Cecily Tange

Company Secretary &
Finance Director

Stiftung Oper in Berlin
Deutsche Oper Berlin

Berlin 28th June 2005

Communication / Marketing


To whom it may concern,

In the season 2004/2005, Jacinta Walsh had undertaken a Marketing project with me as part of her studies of “Arts & Cultural Management Post Graduate Diploma”.

Jacinta is very professional, skilful and competent in developing any given concept. She is also very creative. Jacinta is able to transform her knowledge as a professional ballet dancer into the area of management very efficiently. I highly recommend her for every project in the area of Marketing.

For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,
Marion Mair.

Australian Embassy
Cultural and Public Affairs Section

The Australian-German Fashion Arts Gala 2005


11th October 2004

To Whom it May Concern:

I am delighted to commend to you, for consideration of your support, “The Australian-German Fashion Arts Gala” by Cinty Promotions that is planned to take place on 12 and 13 March 2005 at the prestigious Atrium of Deutsche Bank / Deutsche Guggenheim, Unter den Linden, Berlin.

We have interviewed Ms Jacinta Walsh, organizer of the event, and discussed the innovative concept of presenting Australian fashion in a variety of cultural and commercial settings. We were impressed by her professionalism and resourcefulness, which convinced us of the project’s feasibility and likely success. Ms Walsh is has already arranged some significant support from a hair product company and has received an enthusiastic response from other potential sponsors during the initial planning stage of the gala.

We believe the “The Australian-German Fashion Arts Gala 2005” will be an event of high quality, likely to attract wide publicity and media coverage. It represents an excellent opportunity for sponsors to become involved. We wish Ms Walsh well in her endeavors and commend her project to you for your consideration.


Dr. Timothy Ault
Cultural Attaché
Australian Embassy Berlin


Tiroler Landestheater

Innsbruck, in October 2003


JACINTA WALSH was a member of the Landestheater Innsbruck Dance Company last season, where she distinguished herself as a hardworking and talented dancer.

In addition she showed great initiative and administrative ability when she took on the task – singlehanded – of organising a large and complicated audition. She contacted dancers from all over the world, arranging in addition to the actual audition, accommodation, travel, biographies etc. for well over a hundred hopeful candidates.

The audition day functioned perfectly.

I wish Jacinta Walsh all the very best for her future.

Professor Kammersängerin
Dr.h.c. Brigitte Fassbaender

Jochen Ulrich
Choreographer, Artistic Director, Stage Director,
Council of the Austrian State Minister of Culture, Photographer, Costume Designer

Berlin – Cologne – Vienna
Cologne 28.08.2003


Jacinta Walsh is known to me since 3 years as a versatile and very intelligent dancer with the capacity to recognize the artistic skills of the created work and the understanding of the structured process to achieve maximum results. Her work has been ambitious and devoted at the same time.

Since two years she undertook my personal reference and especially represented my interests in Berlin on cultural political matters. Her work was well constructed, efficient and courageous and achieved immediate results. Her manners and style are of respectful and highly cultivated forms combined with her warm humour and open clarity.

For the modern dance company of Tiroler Landestheater Innsbruck she organized the audition for dancers 2003 with 300 applications and 150 participants in a very friendly and efficient way, where she dealt with logistic and human problems in a smooth and warm way.

I highly recommend her capacities to become a successful company manager for dance and welcome her interest to study at the International Graduate School of Management.
A person, so dedicated and gifted for this work, like Jacinta Walsh should get the best support for this. She will be herself the greatest support for the world of dance after this very good formation.

Jochen Ulrich

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